ElimiShield Facility Treatment is specially formulated to treat athletic facilities, including gymnasiums, locker rooms, weight rooms, and other high-traffic areas.

Our technology uses a two-step process that first disinfects the entire facility, then applying a protective barrier that contains the same ingredients found in ElimiShield Full Body Sanitizer.

We use an electrostatic sprayer to apply these products, which splits droplets 40 times smaller than a typical sprayer. This allows molecules to completely engulf any object in the room, providing full, 360-degree coverage of ElimiShield.

We recommend treatment every 6 months, though areas that see particularly high traffic and friction may require more frequent treatments.

ElimiShield uses an ATP Luminometer system to test the amount of bacteria living on any given surface in a facility. We offer free bacteria readings to facilities in select areas of North Carolina.

Think your facility is clean? Request a FREE bacteria reading today! No purchase required.

    Elimishield SPORT

    Elimishield SPORT