The technology used in the ElimiShield SPORT Full Body Sanitizer was originally developed for bed-ridden patients’ hygiene control in hospitals.

This gentle formula is enriched with Aloe Vera and contains NO skin drying alcohol. Use it when showering isn’t an option for a refreshing feeling for the trip home! Learn more about this innovative athletic hygiene solution here.

The technology used in ElimiShield SPORT Laundry Detergent was developed specifically to remove odor, blood, sweat, grass and mud stains.

It is imperative to the ElimiShield System to start with clean garments, shoes, pads etc. to achieve the very best result. The molecule in the ElimiShield Odor Control Spray adheres to most everything. If the garments and surfaces contain dirt, grime or other substances that will release, the molecule will adhere to that, leaving the garments unprotected. ElimiShield SPORT Laundry Detergent contains no UV, scents or dyes either. Scents and some dyes tend to stay behind in fabrics which will also release. If the molecule is adhered to fragrance and/or dye residue, the garment will eventually become unprotected.

The nanotechnology in the ElimiShield SPORT Odor Control Spray was originally developed for disease and infection control.

Our patented formulations were created to be more effective than other products for use in healthcare and institutional environments. The complex molecule bonds naturally to most porous and nonporous substrates leaving a microscopically abrasive shield that eliminates odor-causing particles. This mechanism is far superior to other methods that either poisons bacteria (and the environment) or attempt to absorb human odors after they form. In addition to the nanotechnology, we included bio-based ingredients to neutralize other malodors we encounter in sports.

Elimishield SPORT

Elimishield SPORT